Monday, March 31, 2014

Killer Heels

My camera battery died after taking the photos on March 20 and I couldn't find the charger until last night. Hence my disappearance again.

Cardigan: Target
Dress: eShakti (last worn here)
Shoes: Thrifted (last worn here)
Slip: Vintage

Not sure what I'm looking at since there's just a blank wall there.

I didn't realize the slip was this long - luckily it doesn't look bad.

March 31

Again with the side eye. Doh!

Cardigan: Club Monaco
Dress: Against Nudity from the Coal Miner's Daughter on Queen St.
Boots: Anthropologie (last worn here)

Looking at this from the back, I can say that the cardigan is really what made this outfit work. Without it, the boots and the dress are not a great match.

The watch I'm wearing is an old Swatch of mine from high school in the 1980s. I took both of the watches to the Swatch booth in the Eaton Centre and bought new bands to make them wearable again. I'm quite pleased!

And while I was in the mall, I decided to peruse the shoe department of The Bay. Saw these. No way they are in my budget but I'd love to have these killer heels.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Happy Birthday to my sister today!

So last Saturday I was having breakfast alone at The Lakeview (as I do). I was wearing Fluevogs (as I do). When I got up to pay a young lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked "Are you The Fashionable Bureaucrat"?

IEEEE!! I covered my face with my hands. She said she doesn't read my blog but when she searches on the Google for Fluevog shoes so she can see how they look on people's feet she often gets pictures of me. I'm happy to provide a valuable public service to the community!

This has only happened to me 4 times and each time was in Toronto. It's startling!

Anyway, I just got back from a meeting in Ottawa so no outfit photos for Monday or Tuesday but here's what I wore on Friday.

March 14

T-shirt: Duran Duran 2014 VIP Fan Club Swag
Skirt: Modcloth 
Shoes: Fluevog Integrity | Arabella (last worn here)

When I got to work on Friday I wasn't wearing this body chain but my coworker makes and sells jewelry on etsy called Faire de la Mode and I had told her I wanted to buy this so she brought it in for me!

It was a happy accident that it matched this t-shirt pretty awesomely.

It's a little tangled up here at the back. I guess I needed a helper to get me ready for my photo shoot.

Duran Duran BABY!

And finally, at yesterday's meeting in Ottawa my coworker and I were both wearing Fluevogs. I'm wearing the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz shoe and she is wearing vintage Harlow shoes which I covet. We wear the same size shoe...Hmmm...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Turning a corner...I hope

Almost a year ago, on March 26, on the basis of a contract job, I boarded a plane and left my life of 15 years in Halifax and moved to Toronto with 2 suitcases and no where to live. My contract was until December but it was extended until May and then my Manager who brought me here moved to another position leaving me with doubt about my future employment.

Yesterday I was offered a permanent job with the Ontario Public Service.

I feel like this is a turning point. This past year has been very hard. Though it was my idea to end my marriage it still was a difficult decision. No one gets married anticipating that it will end so though I was glad to no longer be in an unhappy relationship, I don't think I could say that I was truly "happy". At best I could say I was "getting to happy".  Add on me voluntarily leaving my cats behind (granted with the hope that my ex would let me retrieve them), it's been a challenging year.

Now, with less uncertainty in my employment situation, I feel like I've turned a corner. Not only is this job security (as much as that means) it's also benefits (drugs and dental) so it's a financial win/win. And with spring around the corner, maybe 2014 will be a special year.

Here's some outfits from Wednesday and today.

Cardigan: Target
Dress: Emily Ryan (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Half Truths | Tanya (last worn here)

The back isn't too exciting but what is exciting is...

 My new Mason bag! Oh Fluevog, I can't even stop into your Queen Street store to say HI to Heather and Brian without leaving with something.

(On a side note, my hair is awful. I can't find a good salon in Toronto which I find very strange.)

Here's what I wore today.

Dress: eShakti (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Kitchy Kitchy Boom Boom | Liz (last worn here)

My coworker said "Nice shoes! You're on a roll!"

I'm taking that as a complement. And it's possibly what won me this job.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mes souliers sont pourpre

Now that my medications have been changed and I'm no longer a sweaty mess when I get to work, I can wear this jersey dress again. It's a plain dress so I dressed it up with fun tights and shoes (aka. my trademark).

Dress: Pi Organic (last worn here)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Melissa (last worn here with the same tights)

I'm wearing a slip under the dress but it's looking a little lumpy bumpy there on my left side.

Looks a little better from the back?

The reason I seem to keep matching these tights with these shoes is because they remind me of stars.

... and there's stars on the shoes!

I totally forgot I own these which is a darn shame!

Today I got earwormed with this song which is totally Shelly's fault. Half the time I was singing "Moist. Towelette" instead of the proper words.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

January redux

Howdie! I just got home from a weekend with my parents, am catching up on some TV (Supernatural, Intelligence), and thought "hey! You have some photos that you should upload!"

Et Voila! These pictures are all from late January.

January 27

Shoes: Zara (last worn here)

I wore this to a training session on "Effective Communique Writing". Everyone else in the meeting was dressed rather boringly; however, all the men were wearing patterned socks. That seems to be the biggest outlet for men to be creative.

This dress is a total Prada rip off from a few seasons ago.

It has Roman soldiers on it but they have deformed cartoonish faces.

I like the bright colours though.


January 28

Dress: Desigual (last worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Truths | Marina (last worn here)

I've got my eye on you!

January 30

More red!

Necklace: Coal Miner's Daughter on Queen St.
Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg (last worn here)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Fluevog Kitchy Kitchy Boom Boom | Liz

I had tried on these shoes in the turquoise colour but I resisted. I'm glad I did because tomato red is more my speed.

I blew out the colour of this picture so you could see the polka-dot tights.

Love the turquoise soles so hard.

I recently had my doctor change my meds because I was suffering from excessive sweating. So very excessive. I think it's been resolved now and maybe that's the reason I got my blog mojo back.

This has been a craptastic winter but today was gorgeous and sunny, if not exactly warm. Last week I went to see White Lies again with a lovely person I met on Twitter/Instagram who runs a website called Popshifter.  It was a great, great show.

This is one of my favourite White Lies songs.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Coat check girl up in Happyland

Good morning blogland. Happy Friday! I was too tired to blog this last night so here's a quicky.

Lacy shirt: Dynamite (last worn here)
Dress: Lilikoi from Chartreuse Style (last worn here)
Boots: Fluevog Bellevues | Libby Smith (last worn here)

Not sure why my foot is up in the air. Maybe I'm feeling kicky.

I'm always challenged to find something to wear underneath this dress because it's so low cut in the front and back. This shirt kinda works because of the grey on the boots.

There's a zipper down the back. Puts me in mind of the episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye is telling BJ one of his fantasies.

B.J.: Okay, it's your turn. Tell me a fantasy.
Hawkeye: Picture, if you will, a crisp winter afternoon. You by a crackling fire in a smoking jacket.
B.J.: Mmm. What color?
Hawkeye: Red... with blue satin lapels. And a zipper down the back.
B.J.: What for?
Hawkeye: You'll see. There's a light tapping at the door. "Who's there?" you say, checking your zipper. You saunter to the door, straightening your ascot... and casually slide back the bolt.
B.J.: Come on! Who is it?
Hawkeye: Lana Turner.
B.J.: Wearing?
Hawkeye: An angora sweater... with a zipper down the back.
B.J.: What for?
Hawkeye: You'll see.
B.J.: Go on.
Hawkeye: She throws her arms around you. But you push her away!
B.J.: I push her away? For what?
Hawkeye: Your smoking jacket is covered with angora lint. In a fit of pique, she leaves.
B.J.: That's it? The end?
Hawkeye: That's it.
B.J.: But what about the zippers down the back?
Hawkeye: They didn't catch on.
B.J.: Oh, I don't believe it! I had Lana Turner in a fantasy with a sweater with a zipper down the back and I let her get away?
Hawkeye: You always were short on zip.
B.J.: [whines]

Speaking of Jackets, I found this coat in a vintage store on Ossington St.

It was only $35.00! A bargain! Maybe it was so inexpensive because the sleeves are so short.

The brand inside is Brown's Apparel, Huntington, West Virginia.

I feel very conspicuous in this coat because most other Torontonians are wearing black or grey outerwear. Good thing I'm not too concerned about blending in.

It's warm. Not -40C warm but warm enough for a reasonable winter day.

And the back is pretty nice too.

Back to work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Always believe in, because you are Gold

Title is from Spandau Ballet's "other" song, Gold.

Because today I was wearing these.

Fluevog Queen of the Skies | Midas 

Full disclosure - these are sitting down shoes. Whenever I had to walk around I took them off. But they are so pretty!

They go pretty well with this dress from Anthropologie (last worn here).

Wow. Looking back through posts and I didn't realize how long my hair was just a few months ago. I really liked it.

Hopefully I can keep up with this blogging again!